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24h Ultra cycling 2021

Again a year of no expedition to the Himalayas.

But there is still my race wheel! ;-)

4.- 5.9.2021: 24h Radtrophy Hitzendorf Styria: 

539km and 4900 altitude meters

24h Ultra cycling 2020

Covid-19 makes travelling to the Himalayas impossible.

So lets focus on other challenges!




5.- 6.9.2020: 24h Radtrophy Hitzendorf Styria: 

519,8km and 4725 altitude meters

Video! How it feels, how it is :-)





7.- 8.8.2020: Ultra Rad Challange Kaindorf Styria: 

501,2km and 5180 altitude meters

Cho Oyu 8201m

Summit 25.09.2019!




Mt.Kenya & Kilimanjaro

26.12.2018 - 13.01.2019

Nice trekking on Mt.Kenya and Kilimanjaro, great animal watching in Amboseli national park and sun on the skin on Zanzibar - watch the video!


After summiting Kilimanjaro our crew performed the Kilimanjaro song for us!